It's Your Land-Make the Best of It

Get residential land clearing service in McClellanville & Charleston, SC

If you have a large plot of land, why not enjoy as much of it as possible? Don't let trees and brush stop you from adding landscaping or building the property you want. Turn to Schirmer Forestry Services for expert residential land clearing in McClellanville & Charleston, SC

We have the tools needed to clear out large amounts of brush and large trees. Not only will you have more space for your personal use, but the mulching process feeds nutrients into the land.

Use your land the way you want-hire us for lot clearing at your McClellanville or Charleston, SC home.

We'll clear your lot for any use

We'll clear your lot for any use

Residential land clearing provides you with a way to easily utilize your land to the fullest. With lot clearing service from Schirmer Forestry Services, you can:

  • Create a space for a house, barn or shed
  • Build pastures for your livestock
  • Develop a pond for relaxing or fishing

Take full advantage of your land with professional lot clearing service in McClellanville & Charleston, SC. Reach out today to talk to our team about your needs.